Looking Back column

By: Howard Stitt
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LOOKING BACK From our archives; compiled by Howard Stitt


10 Years Ago

Nov. 27, 2008

The first-grade classes of Carolyn Basque and Kathryn Leupp were preparing for a Thanksgiving play at Franklin School. Among the thespians were Doug Dillard, Jaden Uhler, James Burton, Megan Bradely, Anil Ramirez, Lake Anton, Sarah Magleby, Max Ahlquist, Sophia Campagna and Kyra Kappos.

The Nelthorpe & Son name will remain as the store was sold to Gordon and Dave Ginno of Ginno's Kitchen & Appliance Center based in Chico since 1950. It will be the first time a Nelthorpe family member has not worked at the store since it opened in 1915 by Edgar Nelthorpe. The "Son" in the store's name was Edgar's son, Lindsay, who was the father of the last owner of the store, the late Ed Nelthorpe.

For the 4th Congressional District seat, Republican Tom McClintock was leading Democrat Charlie Brown by somewhere between 359 and 1,566 votes in a race that officials had yet to call.

Bob Saunders of Loomis helped the Loomis School District with classroom improvements by volunteering his time and expertise for a few days a week for the past four months. He is a retired fiber optics engineer. Saunders said that there had to be another way to get some of the work done without the funds that would have been provided if a school bond had passed.

Youngsters at Ophir School were asked, "How do you cook a Thanksgiving turkey?" Alexandria Maya, 5 - "Cook it with pepper." Manny Keen, 5 - "My mom puts salt on it." Grace Vonaesch, 6 - "First you clean it by getting the stuff in the middle out." Jacob Tolle, 6 - "You wash it. Then you cut it with a knife. Then put it on the barbeque." John "Colin" Wright, 9 - "First you cut a hole in it and put the stuffing in it. Then you put spicing on it." Natasha Buckman, 8 - "First, you make a hole for the stuffing and then you put the stuffing inside the hole." Most of the children agree you cook it in the oven and then eat it.


25 Years Ago

Nov. 18, 1993

A Mass was held for Mary Leona Swan, 81, a native and lifelong resident of Newcastle. She was executive secretary for the Blue Goose Growers Association and for the Placer County Farm Bureau. Swan was also past president and founder of the Newcastle P.T.A. Group.

Services were held for John Edward Winton, 69, a lifelong resident of Placer County. He graduated from Placer High School in 1942 and  was a World War II veteran of the U.S. Army. Winton was a Newcastle cattle rancher and a retired electrical estimator for P.G.&E.

St. Mark's Anglican Episcopal Church will host its second annual English High Tea. Helping to prepare for the event were Frances Ketcheson and Charlotte Goulding.

Cavitt School in Granite Bay was burglarized. Two vehicles were observed by Deputy Tom Marois leaving the school at a high rate of speed. He was joined by Deputy Jeff Adams and other units and the suspects were apprehended after high-speed pursuits.

An innovative idea in career education was developed right here in Loomis. The California College of Automotive Excellence was founded by Lee Arter with a training center on Swetzer Road.

With Del Oro High School's one-two punch of Corey Hartung and Andrew Floor running behind a great offensive line, the Golden Eagle football team rolled over Oak Ridge 39-13.

The Loomis Bandits soccer team defeated the Roseville Chipmunks 8-0 with goals by Tyler Odehnal, Tyler Foster, Danny Sammon and Kyle Hribar. Also making goal attempts were Kevin Lind and Jessica Ogden. Playing great defense included Julianne Reid, Chris Reyes and goalie Jared Maillard. Kathryn MacLean stayed home with strep throat.

Robert Schimmick had the foresight of restoring the historic Congregational Church building constructed in 1920 in downtown Loomis. Koinonia Foster Homes will use the building for its corporate headquarters. Local residents have approached Schimmick and said, "I was married there. ... I went to Boy Scouts in the basement of that church."


50 Years Ago

Nov. 21, 1968

Services were held for Frederick J. Cottrell, 54, a World War II Veteran. He was gunned down as he stepped from his car in the parking lot of Largo's nightclub near Sacramento.

Services were held for Tamano Terada, 71, a native of Japan and a resident of Loomis for 52 years.

A Requiem Mass was celebrated for Joaquin P. Lopes, 81, at St. Rose Of Lima Catholic Church in Roseville. He was a native of Flores Azore Islands and a fruit rancher for the past 36 years in Loomis.

Craig Barton, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barton of Rt. 2, Loomis, was promoted to Army Specialist 4. He is serving as a clerk with the 297th Transportation Company near Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Seaman Apprentice Mike Vander Veen of Rt. 4, Penryn, graduated from the Naval Training Center in San Diego.

Electronics Technician 2nd Class Stephen Surette, USN, of Rt. 2, Loomis is at sea on the USS Constellation, an attack aircraft carrier.

The Gun Control Act of 1968 gives owners 30 days grace to register machine guns, sawed off shotguns, anti tank guns, bazookas, rockets, mortars and similar devices. Failure to comply could result in criminal prosecution.

Roy Lozar of the Loomis Variety Store has been in the Roseville Hospital for a week for observation.

Nominees for the Farmer of the Year Award are Howard Nakae, Bob Hansen and Mike Kakiuchi (fruit division); Joe Beard, Frank Farinha and Chandler Hunt (dairy); Ralph Aitken, Chester Gibson and Bill Shepard (poultry); Homer Freeman, Moore Brothers and Floyd Bonniefield (crops); and John Fiddyment and Jim Bickford (livestock).


75 Years Ago

November 1943

After 23 months of dimout, the lights are blazing again as it appears there is no threat from the sea. It means the shades will not be drawn to hide the bright glitter of home Christmas trees.

William Cook purchased a Red and White Grocery Store in Downieville. He plans to continue to operate his Loomis store also.

The Di Georgio Fruit Company is moving lumber from a dismantled Folsom shed and plans to expand their platform in Loomis. The Pacific Fruit Exchange in Loomis is also planning to expand their platform.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Harris from Burlingame purchased the Loomis Drug Store from Mr. and Mrs. Walter Michaelson, who have moved to Auburn. Mr. Harris, not being a druggist, sold that part of the business to the Newcastle Pharmacy. The Loomis site will be a variety store.

The Placer Hillmen football team beat Roseville 20-6. This was the first victory over the Tigers in many years.

The War Chest Drive in Placer County is beginning with 1 percent to 5 percent of a family’s income expected. Mr. Earl Gates is chairman of the local drive.

Irvin Rasmussen has been discharged from the Army to help out on the home front in agriculture.

H.C. Scribner and Paavo Leed from Rocklin were busy wiring the apartment of Law Brothers above the Post Office in Loomis before Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Small move in.

Local students are bringing cattails to school to be used for Army mattresses.

German soldiers were killing all the Italian mules they could find when they realized that an American Division was using the animals to pack supplies over the Italian mountains.

(Standing Guard-oral histories) When not in class, Susan Hiromoto spent much of her time in the school library at the Gila River, Arizona Relocation Center. The camp, like most of the 10 camps, was in the middle of a desert. Susan, along with two sisters, Toshi and Rose, shared one room of their barracks with her parents. Her two brothers, Masao and Haruo, and uncles, Teruo and Hideo, were in another room. While the situation was traumatic for the parents, Susan at age 11 was actively involved with other children as they scurried about the camp. Prior to evacuation, the family leased 400 acres in Clarksburg where her father grew asparagus. Susan attended a two-room school on Ryer Island. Her brother rowed his siblings across the river to catch the school bus. After the evacuation of the Japanese American children, only one student was left in school, an Italian boy named Dina Volpi. (After the war, Susan married George Goto. She became a teacher in the Roseville City School District.)