Newcastle garage blaze snuffed by homeowner

By: Brody Fernandez Of Gold Country Media
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A garage fire started in Auburn area late Tuesday morning, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s office, the fire was first engaged and extinguished by the homeowner.

No injuries were reported as the property owner was checked for smoke inhalation.The origin and cause of the fire is still unknown.

The fire could have quickly spread, according to fire personnel on scene, as a result of high wind advisories in the area.

Newcastle Fire, South Placer Fire , CAL FIRE NEU (Nevada El Dorado and Placer County division) and Penryn Fire responded to the fire Tuesday.

Newcastle Fire Captain Greg Kirk of Engine 41 arrived first on scene to handle the situation.

“My engine company was the first on scene, and when we arrived, the fire was already out with some smoke still coming from the garage. The homeowner had been doing some basic repairs on the main house and noticed smoke coming from his garage, separate and adjacent to the house,” Kirk said. “He immediately got his garden hose and positioned himself to effectively extinguish the fire. We arrived, checked for extension and then assessed any further threat from there.”

The homeowner not only prevented a more damaging fire to his property, Kirk said, but the homeowner likely prevented a fire from spreading to other parts of the area because of the high wind advisories.

“It absolutely could have been a lot worse,” Kirk said. “This is not something we see often from homeowners in this situation. I applaud the homeowner in this case because he took quick action and, as a result, made the incident a lot better that it could have been. He made the situation drastically better with the given conditions.”

There was no structural damage reported, according to Kirk, other than some sheetrock that needs replacing and minor electrical repairs.