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Make time to enjoy Halloween

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The Halloween spirit seems to be here earlier this year.

More orange and black lights, huge spider webs, along with cute pumpkin and spooky cutouts, are in front yards of houses and on storefronts throughout the area.

And that’s good.

If you’re a kid, Halloween is probably among the top three holidays of the year. Oct. 31 is anticipated for months from preschoolers to high school students.

Even adults get into the holiday mood as they plan their costumes for that one day at work where they can dress whimsically and as they choose which Halloween parties to attend.

Businesses get in the act too with the holiday. Having a princess or a pirate serve your coffee at the local coffee shop is a nice way to start the workday. And finding bowls of candy bars and lollipops at stores, banks and other businesses is a plus that adds a nice touch to our day.

Halloween is a time to let loose for a few hours and dress up as your favorite character or theme, knock on neighbors’ doors for the annual trick or treating, maybe throw a costume party and attend some Halloween community events.

Best of all, it’s a holiday that all family members can celebrate together. Celebrating Halloween is an easy way for parents to create memories that their children will treasure for years.

But the holiday isn’t just about dressing up and asking neighbors for candy. Rather, Halloween is a time for children to joyfully spend time with parents, siblings and friends. And it’s also an opportunity for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to connect with the youngsters, without worrying about work.

For many families, Halloween culminates early Wednesday night with trick or treating in their neighborhoods.

But there are a multitude of school, organizations and businesses also getting into the act with holiday celebrations the last few weeks, leading up through Wednesday night.

These community events are safe ways for children to trick or treat while families can meet others in the community. See our story in this week's paper for some of those event listings.

Whatever you plan to do for Halloween, have fun this week at area Halloween celebrations.

And please support those businesses and organizations putting on these Halloween events. They’re doing it so we and our families can have a fun, memorable holiday. For adults, it’s fun to be a kid every so often.