Looking Back column

By: Howard Stitt
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LOOKING BACK From our archives; compiled by Howard Stitt


10 Years Ago

Nov. 6, 2008
    Riding in the Homecoming Parade were Del Oro's 2008 Homecoming Queen and King Jenna Hope and Ryan Axt. The royal Senior class princesses and princes are Shelby Weeden, Nicol Yoshikawa, Austin Brown and Matt Hanson. Junior royalty were Aubrey Nelson and Alex Burleson, Sophomore Queen and King were Becky Duncan and Daniel Seaman, and Erin Becker and Jake Craythorn were the freshmen royalty.
    Stuart Kageta, Del Oro High School volleyball coach, will be having tryouts for the Club Momentum for girls 14 and under.
    The newspaper's choices for "Athletes of the Month" at Del Oro were Kelsey Becker, tennis; Kevin Yanez, soccer; and Spencer Butterfield, football.
    For their senior projects, Erin Hansen, Sierra Gray and Allie Koenecke were organizing a career fair at Del Oro High School.
    Two dogs, described as a pit bull and a German shepherd mix, attacked and killed a pony in South Placer.
    Martha Garcia, Loomis News Editor, urged residents to look at the community web site, Myopolis. On the site, Scandinavian artist Leisa Chandler posted an item about her art show at The Flower Farm Nursery & Coffee House. John Nitta, a member of the Rotary Club, kept viewers informed of Del Oro activities.
    Residents were asked, "How is the slow economy affecting your business?" Kaera Anzalone, Rejuvenate Spa - "Our business is down about 20 percent." Gary Schulze, Able Self Storage - "We had an average month." Ashley Griffith, Studio 47 Photography - "People haven't stopped spending. They're just being more conservative." Romni Glynn, Cookie Lee Jewelry - "Actually, business has been really good. People have been buying gifts for the holidays."



25 Years Ago

Oct. 28, 1993

Services were held for Alma Wever, 78, a native of Trenton,Texas and a Placer County resident for 51 years. She was a member of the Penrhyn Chapter No. 159 of the Order of the Eastern Star.

A Mass was held for Robert Roger Souza, 68, a native of Rio Linda. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II. An outstanding athlete, Souza lettered in three sports at Placer High School and played in the first two years of the Kendall Arnett Basketball Tournament.

Rick Fasani, a 1992 Del Oro High School graduate, was named a Rufus Choate Scholar at Dartmouth College.

Kindergarten "Students of the Week" were Jillian Witzke and Ashley Trimm (Placer School); Ben Vaughn, Daniel Martina, Charlene Freitas, and Becky Redden (Loomis School).

Leanna Hoglen, 10, competing for the Loomis School fifth-grade team, set a course record at the Bowman Cross Country Meet.


50 Years Ago

Oct. 31, 1968

Services were held for George Cunningham, 56, a native of Rock Springs, Wyoming and a Penryn resident for the past 16 years. He owned and operated the Enco Service Station next to the Ground Cow Restaurant in Penryn.

The first major construction on the Auburn Dam project was the relocation of an access road to serve the Auburn Foresthill bridge across the northern arm of the reservoir.

Formerly served by PG&E, local residents would be receiving a Placer County Water Agency billing.

The Del Oro High School Big Top is taking shape. The carnival is co-sponsored by the Parents Club and the high school students. Among the activities will be a Cake Toss (Girls Glee Club), Cotton Candy (Drama Club), Candy Sale (G.A.E.), French Pastries (French Club), Raffle (Ski Club), Shishkebabs (Pep Club) and Christmas Candles (Choir).

Kathryn DePree and Michael Dack attained the Dean's List at University of California at Davis. Graduating from the college were Ann Yoshizuka, Michael Dickey and Graham Hooper.

Graduating from the Naval Training Center in San Diego were Seaman Apprentices Frederick Smith and Donald Shrum.

The first Del Oro graduate to return to teach at the high school is Steve March. He was a 1963 graduate and will teach math, boys’ PE, typing and science, along with coaching football and basketball at his alma mater.

Army Spec. 4 William Burlison of Loomis is assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam.

Who will be the next president of the United States?: George Wallace, Hubert Humphrey or Richard Nixon.

Student Katri Kokila is the general chairman of the Del Oro Homecoming program assisted by Randy Hansen, Vicki Williams, Maureen Ward, Margaret Makimoto, Patty Millard, Shirley Colwell, Yvonne Hirota, Scott Fager, Frank Deen, Diane Hayashida, Irene Takemoto and Ron Kawahata.

The Loomis Grasshoppers soccer team outran the Roadrunners 3-0 with scores by Spencer Smith, Kyle Tawlks and Jeff Walters, with assists from Joey Carlson, Jason Walters and Gary Carlson.

By a score of 6-0, the Loomis Pandas U6 soccer team defeated the Lincoln Butterflies. Goals were scored by Peri Garcia, Tyler McManus, Kyle Sroka and Kevin Flanagan with an assist from Brittni Monson. Defensive standouts include Mary Ann Brown, Tiade Fregosa, Ashley Campos and goalies Bayley Johnson and Meegan Brooks. Also contributing strong play were Paul Garcia, Brandon Grimes, Brett Meister and Spencer Miller.

The Quads and Snares in the percussion section of the Del Oro Golden Eagle Band were Elizabeth Paugh, Jeremy Hopkins, Amy Cisneros, Julie Wolf, and Amy Connelly. Mallets were Sara Meline, Melissa Sowers, Alissa Newton and Tabitha Fletcher.

A fraudulent business called Firefighters Memorial New was contacting South Placer business owners asking for $75 donations. Loomis Firefighter/EMT Brian Diemer said, "If you do donate to a fire district, it is best to directly deliver it to the fire station."


75 Years Ago

October 1943

Bill Sahota is the first person from South Placer to shoot a coyote and apply to Judge Doty for the $10 bounty.

Word was received that the families of Jack Yokote and David Takagishi of Loomis have been removed from the Tule Lake Relocation Center to the Amache Internment Camp in Colorado.

Voluntary donations from Loomis businesses to pay the night watchman has dwindled to an insufficient sum.

Prisoners from San Quentin Prison who were clamoring for permission to join the U.S. Armed Forces were doing the next best thing and buying war bonds. As a result of their enthusiasm to purchase so many bonds, they were given the honor of naming a war plane. They chose "Bad Check" for the name on a bomber.

Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson moved into one of the houses recently purchased by the Montero family in Loomis. They had been living on the Tanaka ranch west of Loomis.

As part of the Fat Salvage program, housewives have been urged to turn in used fats to the local butcher shops promptly.

A new policy abolishes restrictions on the publication of weather information in the press. However, the forecasts will be limited to 26 hours.

Loomis School first-grader Gene Dolce is an uncle as his big sister had a baby. Mom and baby are living at Gene's house as his sister's husband is serving overseas.

The War Prisoners Aid program provides books, sports equipment, musical instruments and other recreational supplies for POWs interned in the Axis' war prison camps. The program is permitted under the 1929 Geneva Convention.

Canadians of Japanese descent in British Columbia are living in "Relocation" camps. The internees are expected to pay for the costs of imprisonment, including rent and food. The Canadian government seized property, including homes and vehicles, to sell to help cover the costs of building and maintaining the camps.

(Standing Guard-oral histories) Lila Hanamoto, age 13, is living in an internment camp in Jerome, Arkansas with her parents and three siblings. They were transferred from Tule Lake Relocation Center after her father signed a Loyalty Questionnaire. Many internees have been able to relocate to places such as Chicago or New Jersey. However, Lila's father with primarily farming experience and with four children to support, decided staying in camp seemed necessary. The family farm back in Placer County had been entrusted to Gene Fowler, a very dedicated and honest man.