LOOKING BACK From our archives; compiled by Howard Stitt

By: Howard Stitt
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10 Years Ago

Oct. 30, 2008

Preparing for the 2008 Del Oro High School Homecoming festivities include leadership students Cali Evans, Dani Fernandez and Emily Mattevi. This year's theme is "Where the Magic Begins, the Lands of Disney." Student Body President Katie Cook directs 13 committee chairs. Kelsey Seaman is in charge of the rally and Nicole Yoshikawa, along with Aspen Echelmeier, will handle the parade.

Armed robbers posing as federal agents stole 10 to 20 pounds of medical marijuana from a Loomis home. The occupants were bound with duct tape although no injuries were reported. There are no leads on the identities of the suspects.

Eppie Johnson, owner of the New Horseshoe Bar Grill, was presented a University of Nevada, Reno Wolfpack flag at his restaurant. Johnson was a 1951 University of Nevada, Reno graduate.

Cindy and Don Saldano go all out for All Hallows Eve, setting up 35 storage bins of decorations. Their three sons, Cameron, Austin and Colton, also get into the spirit as they prepare their home for trick-or-treaters.

Jamie Foster, 4 1/2 of Penryn, is dressed in her Barbie costume while having her picture taken by Tina Raibley of Simply Portraits, the new photography studio in Loomis.

Storytelling, old-time music and western-style humor will be offered during the 14th annual Cowpoke Fall Gathering of Cowboy Poetry and Music. The event will be held at the Blue Goose Fruit Shed. Cheryl Stokes,  the event’s chairwoman, says it's a good form of entertainment that's close to home and is affordable. "Come and have a little taste of cowboy poetry," says Bert Braun, who founded the event and still puts it on with his wife, Carol, along with volunteers from the Heritage Foundation.


25 Years Ago

Oct. 21, 1993

It was 7 a.m. on a cold, crisp day when 30 students from Mr. White's American Government Class at Del Oro High School showed up to clean and paint Paul Yokote's home. Mandy Stoddard of Penryn coordinated the effort. The teens all agreed that Paul's Place deserved the service for all Yokote does for Del Oro. Eric Deen said, "Paul has helped so much that this is the least we could do for him." Jenny Houser and Rebecca Jeppson added, "We never knew Paul that well and we feel this sort of brings us closer to him." Yokote was very appreciative. "Thank you to everybody and to Gary Doupnik and Mike Devaney for the paint and plants." Yokote's home is located across from the High Hand Fruit Shed.

The Loomis Nursery School has openings for the three-day program. The school is a nonprofit parent cooperative nursery school located on the grounds of the Loomis Methodist Church.

Margaret Brentnall writes in the "Del Oro Outlook" that hundreds of kids crowded the high school campus wearing anything from leotards and skirts to uniforms and hats with feathers. It was Saturday, Oct. 16, the day of the 15th annual Del Oro Band Spectacular with 26 bands gathering at the school.

Football player Dave Coyle is the Del Oro Golden Eagle "Athlete of the Week." Coach Christiansen replied, "Dave is a super kid. His all-around play is indicative of all the hard work he has put forth this season."

Kindergarten "Students of the Week" were Stacy Yale, Daniel Schembri, Alex Yamada, Stephanie Brown, Jason Wyatt, and Vanessa Morris (Placer School); April Potter, Charlotte Brandly, Ariel Miller, and Zackaria Deckman (Loomis School).

The Loomis Turtles soccer team beat the Tigers 4-1 with goals by Elizabeth Harkin, Garrett Gillum and Bill Sherman, with assists from Matthew Yepez and Briana Webb. Goalie Kevin Ash played great defense.

The Del Oro High School Marching Band's percussion section includes James Harper, Stephanie Thompson, Rachel Moses, Jenni Stitt, Marcie Cook, Rachel Amavisca and Airin Adams.


50 Years Ago

Oct. 24, 1968

A Placer Nevada County 4-H officers training session was held in Colfax. Loomis 4-H members attending were Beth Nute, Mary Anne Krause, Eileen and Sherry McKnight, Leslie and Steven Taglio.

Nelthorpe & Son was burglarized again with shotguns, rifles, several boxes of ammunition, TV sets, radios, and cigarettes missing. Also the nearby Frostie stand was hit.

Bob Carlson of Rt. 1, Loomis arranged and sponsored a visit to the California Exposition by 23 Vietnam War amputees from the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland. Carlson was honored by Toastmasters International, District 39 for his efforts.

Del Oro High School Homecoming princesses were freshman Cindy Hartwell, sophomore Cathy Guidera, junior Leslie Stringfellow, and seniors Vicki Williams and Jacque Stallman.

Loomis residents Mel Lawrence, Hans Hanson and Dean Osborn were part of a group bagging three moose while hunting in Canada.

Martin Weekly is teaching his first year at Del Oro HIgh School. He will be handling classes of shop drawing, along with basic art and crafts.

Helping to plan the Del Oro Parents Club Carnival were Frank Kageta, Dick Nagaoka, Jim Hickock, Ray Rowe, George Hirakawa, Sue Hansen, Frank Law, Ed Nelthorpe and Jim Flanagan.

T.S. Harrison purchased a 9-acre farm on Leak Lane in Loomis with plans to put in irrigated pasture.

The Del Oro Community Swimming Pool was nearing completion, according to Howard Fager. Putting in final touches were General Construction chairman Ted Hinkey and his crew of Ed Cowperthwaite, Paul Eckhard and Stan Colwell. Francis Lindsay's grading equipment was also back on site.


75 Years Ago

October 1943

The Loomis 4-H Club held a farewell party for Earl Gates, Jr. who enlisted in the Navy and Walter Taylor who is going into the Army Air Corps. All of the 4-Hers worked in the fruit over the summer. Also, the members voted to build a waiting station for servicemen in Loomis.

The Office of Price Administration (OPA) pulled a fast one and reduced the "A" book gasoline coupons from four to three gallons. At any rate, there won't be so many cars on the highways, as a result.

News broadcasters reported that Italy has thrown its chips in with the Allies and declared war on Germany after a month of neutrality.

The Ed Abold family is now eating full meals again. A fire on July 11 destroyed their home, which contained their ration books. It has taken this long to convince the local ration board that they needed duplicates.

Eugene Lavallee, Mrs. Earl Gates' brother, joined the radio division of the U.S. Cavalry.

Leeds "Sully" Sullivan shot his deer late in the day several miles from here. However, while Sully was camped out that night, a wandering bear quietly ate a large portion of his kill.

Dr. Seth Law, Loomis veterinarian, removed several hundred porcupine quills from a local dog's head.

A fire of suspicious origin completely destroyed two packing sheds, barn, garage, and a home with all its furnishings on the Hamamoto Ranch. Also lost were 30 chickens, a batch of week-old pups, a spray rig and a Ford truck. The ranch, the old Brinesteader Place, is located about three miles northeast of Loomis along King Road and is operated by the California Fruit Exchange. Another home on the property was saved as some Chinese workers resided there. The Hamamoto family is interred in Wyoming after leaving the Tule Lake Relocation Center earlier.

(Standing Guard-oral histories) Takeshi Hamamoto is living with his family of 11 in the Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Wyoming. As a young man in his 20s when the war broke out, Takeshi immediately enlisted in the Army. He was supposed to be called to duty in April or May of 1942. Instead, Takeshi was told, “we don't induct Japanese in the Army anymore.” So he didn't serve. Now Takeshi has learned to be an electrician in the camp and is paid $16 a month.